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RE: KLBC: Definitions

> wewwI'       Lighting device (ie torch [flashlight])?

: Thing which glows - good. I generally perceive "glow" to be nondirectional,
: so I would not use this for a flashlight, but it would work just fine for a
: lamp. That may be just me.
: KGT p226 & p261    torch (n) - Sech

Also {weQ} "candle" (TKD) and, as an alternative to KBP's {wovmoHwI'}, {wovmoHbogh jan} "light (device)" from the Hallmark BoP ornament commercial:

	Qapqu' wovmoHbogh janHommey! 
	It even has [little] working lights! 

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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