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Postal Course

ghuy'cha jIbergh

This is irritating

Since before August of last year I have been trying continue with my
lessons.  I send them off and eagerly wait for them to return corrected and
with my next lesson.  First the Eagle,ID address was returned as
non-deliverable.  Then sent it again to the first Las Vegas address and
waited four months, and that time The lesson was lost in the mail, before
trying again.  Just today I received my latest attempt; stamped "RETURN TO
SENDER NO SUCH NUMBER". And that address was taken off the KLI web site as;

Klingon Postal Course
1950 Mountian Vista, Apt# 196
Las Vegas, NV 89121 USA


peQaH tlhIngan Hol ghojtaH vIneH

Help me, I want to coutinue Learning the Klingon language


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