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RE: Happy belated birthday

jatlh Thornton:

> I can wish someone a happy birthday by saying <qoSlIj Quchjaj!>. 
> How would I wish them a belated happy birthday?

Actually, that doesn't work. <qoSlIj> is the subject of the verb <Quch>, so
it needs to go *after* the verb. I also don't know if, in Klingon, a
birthday can be happy. A person can certainly be happy, but can a day? If
you believe it can, this is fine. Otherwise, try the following:

qoSlIj bIQuchjaj   - the <qoSlIj> here is a timestamp
DuQuchmoHjaj qoSlIj

As for a belated birthday, how about <HIvqa' veqlargh> {{;-)>

Beginners' Grammarian

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