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Re: Complex Sentences

From: William H. Martin <>

>That's ALMOST the case. It is not that you can use one of these
>verbs intransitively and omit the {-Daq}. It is that these verbs
>can be use transitively with or without the {-Daq} on the direct
>object, or they can be used intransitively with the {-Daq} as a
>locative (not direct object). Okrand stressed this in the
>interview, both by emphasis and repetition. If the verb is used
>intrasitively, then a noun without {-Daq} would have no
>grammatic function in the sentence.

The interview told us precisely two NEW grammatical rules on this particular

(1) For verbs with an inherent locative concept, {-Daq} may or may not be
added to the OBJECT noun, which is the destination.

(2) When {-Daq} is used on an OBLIQUE noun in a sentence with a verb with an
inherent locative concept, it means that the action of the verb takes place
AT that noun.  The noun is not the destination of the action.

All other rules are things we were able to work out already.  The interview
also raises questions about the use of {-vo'} in these sentences.

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