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Re: Complex Sentences

ghItlh vay':
>>... and "When the rain falls". "The rain falls" is <pumtaH SIS>...
>> mevchoH vumghach 'ej juH lujaH loDpu' Hoch 'e' ghorgh pumtaH SIS

lughmoH DloraH:
>SIS  is a verb

  Right. By the way, "the rain falls" is an english idiom, which you can't
translate directly to klingon. What else can rain do, beside of falling?
  The word "rain (n)" implies the image of little drops of water falling
from the sky, this is how I see it. So since klingons are very short and
direct in speeech, they would just say {SIS} "it's raining". The subject of
the sentence is {muD}. If you want to enforce the meaning of "falling rain",
I suggest {chalvo' SIS} "it's raining from the sky".


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