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Re: Dreaming in Klingon

ghItlh Lawrence Qel :-)
>I had another dream in Klingon last night. [...]

rut jInajtaHvIS tlhIngan Hol vIlo'. taQqu'. jInajtaHvIS mu'meyqoq vIlo'.
tlhIngan Hol mu'mey bIH, 'ach jIvemDI' tlhIngan Hol 'oHbe' 'e' vIghov. 'ej
mu'meyqoq vIqawbe'.

I sometimes dream in Klingon, too. But sometimes I use words that don't
exist, but in my dream, they do have a meaning. When I wake up, I see that
they were not canon klingon words, and I don't remember them.
It's very weird. While I am dreaming in Klingon, I talk, and then (in my
dream!) I think "what did I just say? I thought there was no word for


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