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Re: Sovchu'wI' (a wise man)

>> >>> QapmeH Sovbe'lu'bogh laHmajmey wIDubnIS."

>> >    You got the idea. The last paragraph I would mean:
>> >"In order to succeed, we had to develop our undiscovered abilities"

>> I would have used [ tu' ] - "discover"  instead of [ Sov ].
>> mataHmeH  laHmeymaj tu'lu'pu'be'bogh wIDubnIS
>And, of course, if you wanted to avoid a common grammatical 
>error, you would have said:
>mataHmeH laHmeymaj lutu'lu'pu'be'bogh wIDubnISta'.
>                   ^^
>The {-ta'} was just a bonus.
>> In this context I also like the [ taH ]

    All the words work well in context (Sov, tu, and so on). Pehaps {So'} 
could be used also: mataHmeH laHmeymaj So'lu'pu'bogh wIDubnISta'
(keep the -ta' bonus)  :-)   "Our hidden abilities".


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