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RE: New to the list

jatlh torghvaj:

> Greetings to all.

> I am new to the list, my name is Fernando (a.k.a. torghvaj) 
> and I'm from Chile, also I just started to do the Postal Course.

> Well, my tlhIngan Hol skills are awfull, but I just started to 
> study this language. So if anytime I ask something really basic, 
> please forgive me.

Welcome to the list, torghvaj. My name is pagh, and I am the current
Beginners' Grammarian. Whenever you have a post you want help with, mark it
for my attention with a KLBC in the subject line.

And don't worry about your skill level. I just started studying Spanish, and
I don't know very much other than how to say "Hello", tell time and count.
If you stick around and work at it, you will learn.

Beginners' Grammarian

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