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Re: KLBC: 'e' x-lu'??

ja' charghwI':

> Your question is a good one and deserves an answer, though it is
> not an attractive question, meaning that I doubt anyone will be
> attracted to the opportunity to answer it.

Do'Ha'. janglaHchu' vay' 'e' vIpIHbe' 'ach vItul.

> The most positive thing I can say about these examples is that
> they might be considered archaic or poetic, as you guessed,
> seeking parallels between the first and second half of the
> sentence. Meanwhile, {net} is generally preferable to {'e'
> X-lu'}.

maj. lughlaw' pab 'ay' vIghojta'bogh.

> It is probably best to just not take these particular examples
> too seriously.


chojangmo' qatlho'.

* HovqIj

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