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Re: Online Klingon Language Course

>ghaj = has, possesses, owns (verb)

>Where did you find the "owns" meaning described?  It seems an unjustified
>expansion of the word's meaning.

>How so?  My dictionary says that "own" means, "To have or possess as
>(American Heritage Dictionary)

Your dictionary explicitly points out the expansion of meaning that 
I'm concerned about, with the phrase "as property" being an important
part of the definition of the English word "own".  I'm trying to find 
out how peHruS got it attached to the Klingon word {ghaj} in his list 
of vocabulary.

(Oh, and I noticed that I used the word "possession" in my previous
note, where I meant "ownership".  DopDaq qul yIchenmoH QobDI' ghu'.)

-- ghunchu'wI' (yaH DalDaq ba'taHvIS)

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