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Re: mughmey

David Trimboli wrote:
> jatlh De'vID:
> > <web site> vISuchlaHbej.  Do'Ha' QIt(qu') De' ngeH.  yIboHQo'!
> > = I had no problems seeing the web site.  Unfortunately it loads
> > *very* slowly.   (Can I tack a <-qu'> onto the <QIt>?)  Don't be
> > impatient!
> qatlh <Web site>vam QatlhDaq bommeylIj Damuch?  mu'tlhegh neH bIH!  law'be'
> De'.

jISovbe'.  bommeyvam vImuchbe'.  <web site>vam vIghajbe'.

(It's not my web site and I didn't post the URL, I was just commenting
that it takes a long time to load.)

> wa'leS jInIDqa'.  yaHwIjDaq <T1> wIlo'.

maj.  <ADSL> vIghaj, nom lab je.

> SuStel
> Stardate 99986.6
> P.S.: No, no {-qu'} on {QIt}.  Only {-Ha'} can go on adverbials, and then
> only on some adverbials.

vaj vIghoj. 


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