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Hello... I thought I should introduce myself...
[My completely ungrammatical bio in <tlhIngan Hol>
Please *DO* critisize my syntax, 'cause I can't get it right...]

jenwI' mupongnISqu' tlhInganpu'

"Dumfries"-Daq wa'maH Hut ben jIboghpu'("Scotland" Sep).
DaH "Edinburgh" yoSvo' Sum juHwIj.
DaH DuSaQ'a'Daq jIHaD.

"Danish" Hol, "German" Hol, De'wI' QeD je vIHaD
QIt tlhIngan Hol vIHaD je

"Tibet" vItlhabmoH vInIDtaH je

DaHjaj "Day of Honour" paq vIje'pu'. 
Do' Daj 'oH [I was meaning "it might prove interesting"].

yapqu'! ta' Hol vIghItlhqangtaHbe'

2 Questions:
	What's the difference between <nuv> and <ghot> [person]?
	Does one strictly mean "person", and the other "guy"?

	How does one do the genitive, e.g. "*of* the house of 
	Martok"? Does one just say <martoq tuq>?

Also, on 15/12, IjeyD wrote:
>	Sooo..I take it that yesterday can be either one OR
>	two words?? is that right?

Well... that would make sense to me as <wa'> and <Hu'> are both words in
their own right, and the translation makes sense... Though if I wrote <wa'
Hu'> I would probably mean "a day ago", as opposed to "yesterday"... pagh
said: "Do they sound consistently, noticeably different when you say
them?" Hmmm... Sorry to contradict you, but IMHO they do... But that's
just me pacing my speech... 

BTW Did anyone notice that if you translate <DIvI'> [Federation], you can
also get "we accumulate them"... hmmm... kinda reminds me of the Borg...
or the Ferengi :0

aka jenwI'
*mutta'* tuq

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