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RE: KLBC: The Klingon Hamlet?

jatlh De'vID:

> "Christmas" cha'nob vIje'meH, "" vISuch.  pa' 
> memvam vIlegh:
> I was surfing at "" to buy Christmas presents.  
> I saw the following (catalog) entries:

<mem> is "catalog", so it doesn't really work for a single catalog entry.
For that, you'd have to say something like <memDaq Dochvam vIlegh>.

> Doch wa' / Item #1
> The Klingon Hamlet

> nuq 'oH paqvam'e'?  qonpu' KLI beqpu'?
> What's this book?  Is it by the KLI?

HIja'. paqvam qonbej tlhIngan Hol yejHaD.

> Doch cha' / Item #2
> The Klingon Dictionary - by William Shakespeare???

> qatlh tlhIngan Hol mu'ghom qonpu' <William Shakespaeare> 
> 'e' 'agh <website>?
> Why does the website say that William Shakespaeare [sic] wrote TKD?


> ghaH 'Iv <Dave Stern>'e'?
> Who is "Dave Stern"?  (Not sure if I have the word order right here.)

You don't. Unlike English, Klingon doesn't alter its word order at all for
questions. <'Iv> and <nuq> go in exactly the same place their answer would

'Iv ghaH <Dave Stern>'e'?

'ej <Dave Stern> vISovbe' jIH.

> " website"Daq Qagh'a'Hey tu'lu'!
> There seems to be a major blunder on the website!
> (Can you use -Daq on a website?)


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