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Re: KLBC: Noun Suffixes with Numbers

On Fri, 10 Dec 1999 06:53:30 EST wrote:

> jatlh *pagh:
> >when offering
> >candy to someone, I would normally hold out a few in my hand and say "Want
> >one?" in English. In Klingon, I would probably just say <neH'a'?>, omitting
> >the noun entirely.
> jatlh DloraH:
> >If you wanted to let them know to take only one and not all the candy you
> >could say <wa' DaneH'a'?>
> >(but this doesn't have anything to do with using suffixes)
> Actually, it could be an example for Type 1 suffixes.
> yuch ghajwI': wa' DaneH'a'?
> yuch neHwI': wa''a' vIneH!
> - DujHoD

QInvam vIlaDDI' jInajchoHlaw'. yuch ghajwI' ghop tlhap yuch 
neHwI' 'ej ghopvam SoQmoH. SuSDeq chu'wI' Da yuch neHwI'. 
ghopvam qeb 'ej ghopvam 'uch . ghopvam QeymoH. ghIq 'uchHa' 'ej 

ghopvam poSmoHDI' yuch ghajwI' wa' yuch 'ay' ghIH ghaj. SIbI' 
jatlh yuch neHwI'. <<'ay'vam vIwIv.>> vanglaHpa' yuch ghajwI', 
'ay'vam jon yuch neHwI' 'ej Sop.


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