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Re: KLBC: Noun Suffixes with Numbers

>wa'Daq jIboghpu'. I was born in one.

jang pagh:
>your last example (wa'Daq jIboghpu') probably does not
>work very well in Klingon. In this case, you're not using "one" as a number,
>but just as a place holder for wherever it is you were born. Of course, you
>might have been saying "I was born in [room number] one", but I suspect not.
>I would expect Klingon to use the actual noun rather than "one" in a
>sentence like this: <pa'Daq jIboghpu'>. For a similar example, when offering
>candy to someone, I would normally hold out a few in my hand and say "Want
>one?" in English. In Klingon, I would probably just say <neH'a'?>, omitting
>the noun entirely.

I was thinking that {wa'Daq jIboghpu'} might be used in a situation like the 

nuv 1: DujDaq jIboghpu'.
nuv 2: wa'Daq jIboghpu' je.

Perhaps a better example would be:

Sa' 1: cha' yuQmey mangghommey vIghaj.
Sa' 2: wejDaq mangghommey vIghaj jIH'e'.

- DujHoD

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