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Re: Is Klingon Academy canon?

All of this depends upon the source the developers use for their 
Klingon. If they contact members of the KLI, then you'll have 
some cool and interesting stuff to add to the enjoyment of the 
game, but there won't be any new words or other ground-breaking 
"canon". If they ask Okrand, then maybe there will be new canon.

If they ask anyone else, well, at best, you might get stuff like 
from KLI. At worst, you'll get garbage.


On Thu, 9 Dec 1999 04:49:23 -0500 (EST) 
> Hello Klingon language speakers,
> I am wondering how "canon" are Paramount-licensed computer games?
> Obviously Star Trek: Klingon added a lot of canon words.  
> Interplay is putting out a new game "Klingon Academy", and 
> I am wondering what y'all think of this?
> "on the first mission, the load screen details the Klingon 
> assault groups as they move accross the neutral zone, with 
> close-ups of the asteroid base and probe net. We have to 
> coordinate with the scripters and designers to make sure 
> that the information is accurate. And of course its all 
> written in Klingon, which if you have enough time you can decifer. "
> "The ship warps out, and the screen switches to the galactic 
> map while the next system is loaded. Durring this time, you 
> will be able to decifer the klingon language on the maps and 
> learn some information about the mission or secrets that 
> are hidden in the game. "
> If the developers arbitrarily make up words or misuse/abuse 
> tlhIngan grammar, should speakers of tlhIngan Hol consider it canon? 
> Just curious.
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