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Re: QISmaS

: Don't forget that Klingons dislike cold.

> Daj.  chay' DaSov?  I guess this makes sense, given how warmly
> they're always dressed.
: *voyajer*Daq *Tom*vaD ngoDvam 'ang be'elana. bIrmo' tlhoS Hegh.

The conversation went something like this IIRC:

B'Elanna:  Klingons don't tolerate cold very well.
Tom:       I thought that was Cardassians.
B'Elanna:  No. They just complain about it more.

(From the episode where Tom and B'Elanna were forced to hide from the bad guys
in an arctic habitat aboard a zoo-like ship.)

loQ bIrDI' SuvwI' bepbe'!

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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