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Re: KLBC: is this correct?

> jatlh jeyD:
> > Is this the right use of a verb as an adjective?
> > QoQ QaQ vI'Ij vIneH.
> > QoQ QaQ vI'Ij  'e' vIparHa'qu'.

jang pagh:
> <QoQ QaQ> is fine for using a verb as an adjective.
> However, <'Ij> is defined as "listen" rather than "listen to", so it
> cannot take an object. Instead, use <Qoy>. This is difficult for English
> speakers, since we are so used to the phrase "listen to", but Klingon just
> doesn't work this way.

This advice is absolutely correct.

There's also a bit of a vocabulary issue here.  When speaking to Terrans in
Klingon, this would work just fine.  But according to KLINGON FOR THE
GALACTIC TRAVELER, pp.71-72, Klingons do not consider the quality of the
music itself to be important, only the effect it has on the listener.

Instead of {QaQ} "good," use {'ey} "be good, be delicious, be tasty, be
harmonious."  KGT p.72 shows that a sentence like {'ey QoQ} would be
translated "The music is good," but that this translation doesn't quite
capture the right meaning.

QoQ 'ey vIQoy vIneH.
I want to listen to good music.

QoQ 'ey vIQoy 'e' vIparHa'.
I like to listen to good music.

Again, heed pagh's advice about using {Qoy} instead of {'Ij} in this sort of

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