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Re: KLBC: Do'Ha'

>Date: 07 Dec 1999 11:49:00 +0200
>From: (Regina Reusser)
>jatlh DloraH:
>>... but nobody I knew kame along. At 7.15 p.m. I didn't see anyone,
>> >but I kept on waiting.
>> And then from another message:
>> > ... I am blind ...
>> chaq meqvammo' vay' Daleghbe'
>> (jIqID neH)
>> DloraH
>Qo' "legh" mu' vIlo' "even though" jIleghlaHbe'. "for example" ""Deep  
>space nine" vIleghpu'" vIja' je'. - Or do you know anyonne who says: "I  
>heard Deep space nine"? That sounds so silly, vIparchu'!!!

mu' "hear" lo'bej QoylaHbe'wI'pu' je.  "Listen to me..." jatlh... "I didn't
hear that..."  Qoybe' chaH, 'a mu''e' lo'bej, ghItlhtaHvIS.  jatlhmeH,
ghopDu' lo' Qoybe'wI' law', 'ej mu' "listen", "hear" 'oSmeH, teS'e'
lulo'... Qoybe'wI' qelchugh je mu'tlhegh, jaSHa' "jatlh".


Deaf people use "hear, listen" much the same way hearing folks do, even
when referring to themselves or other Deaf.  Even the signs (in ASL)
incorporate gestures to the ear.


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