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RE: KLBC: is this correct?

qaghovlaw'. bIcheghmo' jIbel.
I thought I recognized you. Welcome back!

jatlh jeyD:
> neH DaH tetlhvamDaq jIchu' 'ach .........     

> how do you say you have been in a place or done 
> somthing before? ( cause I was on this list maby 
> two years ago but left, and now I am back!)

Just say that at some point in the past, you did something or were in a
place. For example:

cha' ben jabbI'IDghomvamDaq jIjeS, 'ach jImej. DaH jIcheghta'.

> and to say  "just now"   is it  "neH DaH"  or  "DaH neH"

I don't believe the adverbial <neH> can modify another adverbial like <DaH>.
We know it can modify both nouns and verbs, but there's no evidence to say
it can modify other adverbials.

In any case, what do you mean by "just now"? Most of the time just <DaH>
should do just fine. 

If you mean "It is true at this moment and only this moment", which is about
the only thing <DaH neH> could logically mean, you could say <DaH teH, 'ach
qen teHbe' 'ej tugh teHbe'>. <qen> is an adverbial meaning "recently" which
you will not find in your TKD.

Beginners' Grammarian

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