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Re: adverb suffixes???

jatlh mark:
>People often
>use dodgy nonce grammar and words in colloquial conversation, and it gets
>the point across.  You wouldn't write it in a book, and you wouldn't say it
>to your sixth-grade grammar teacher, but you would say it to a friend, who
>would likely grin at your creative play on words.  Like the time at a
>qep'a', when I asked "why?" about something and you turned to me and said
>"mo'!"  (i.e. "just because!")

jang charghwI':
>More accurately, I sang {-mo', -mo' neH}. Of course, singing a 
>syllable as short as {-mo'} doesn't sound much like singing... I 
>hoped my broadway hand gestures would have made my intent more 
>"Because, just because..."
>We do have inspired moments at qep'a'.


- DujHoD

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