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Re: wa'Hu' tIvbej lopno' / KLBC

ja' pIl'o':
>DaH  Dr. M.O.  Qum  neH  jupwI'.
>chay'  Qum?

Okrand jabbI'ID Quv peghbe'lu', 'ach chIch noybe'.
Lawrence rI' juplI' 'e' vIchup.  ja'chuqpu'DI' chaH,
chaq juplI'vaD Okrand Quv nobqang Lawrence.
chaq Okrand-vaD juplI' Quv nob.  yInID.

His email address is not secret, but it is also not widely published.
I suggest that you put your friend in touch with Lawrence, who *does*
have an advertised address ( relating to Klingon.  A
brief exchange of messages might convince Lawrence that Okrand would
like to correspond with him.

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