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RE: KLBC (maybe sorta)

jatlh qa'ral:

> pagh,
> vIttlheghmey vImughbogh DalughmoHmo' qatlho'!
> Now, if you wouldn't mind glancing over my message to nuvnov 
> (Re: SengwIj) ... It's the most words I've strung together 
> in a while, and I'm wondering if I've perpetrated any bold 
> innovations in Okrandian grammar.

lu'. loQ nuvnov QIn vIlaDta', 'ach wej vIlaDchu' jIH. jangmeH QInlIj
vIlughqangmoHbej. nuvnov QIn vIlaDchu', 'ej ghIq QInlIj vIlaD 'ej vIlughmoH.

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