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Re: KBLC: Dearest Love

Since this is just a vocabulary question, I trust BG pagh won't poke me with
his {'oynaQ} if I jump on this one. <g>

Ken (Kalos/qeylos) wrote:

: I am curious though.  If I wanted to have a pet name for someone I care
: about and that name was 'Dearest Love' how would one say it?

I can think of three ways offhand: {bang pup} "perfect love", {bangna'} "true
love" (a "real/definite/unquestioned love") and {bangoy}, a {bang pong} (pet
name) closer to English "Lovey" and would *only* be used in private.

Of the three I prefer {bangna'} - or {bangna'wI'} "my true love" - which you
can also safely call your {bang} in public without offending him/her.  

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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