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RE: days of the week/months of the year

> Do way have a way to say the days of the week or the months 
> of the  year in Klingon?  TKD lists the word "jar"  for 
> month which seems to infer Klingon months. I guess generaly 
> one could just use the English words and put them in quotes. 

ja' pagh:
> While we do know Klingons have months from the existence of the word <jar>,
> that's about all we know. We don't know how many there are, how long they
> are, or any of their names. We don't even know if they have individual names
> at all or happen in the same order every Klingon year.

Way back in April (tera' jar loS) I did some speculation on time and how
it's expressed in Klingon. The following is a list of a few of my psots on
the matter:



P.S. How do I chat with MO? I want to ask him about the Klingon Calender.

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