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RE: KLBC: Moving Around

jatlh T'Lod:

> Just for clarification, when using a verb such as ghoS, jaH, leng, or some

> other verb of motion, of the no object prefix is selected, then the action

> takes place at or in that specific place.  If there is an object, then the

> object is that place, unless it is oblique (marked by -Daq with another 
> noun after it, or by itself), and the action is directed towards that 
> place, jIqar'a'?

> vaj, vIjatlhchugh:

> juHwIjDaq jIghoS - I proceed in my house.
> juHwIj vIghoS - I proceed towards my house.
> juHwIjDaq vIghoS - I proceed towards my house.
> 'ach, SaHchugh DIp:
> juHwIjDaq puchpa' vIghoS - I proceed to the bathroom in my house.


> bIQtIqDaq jIjaH - I go in the ocean.
> bIQtIq vIjaH - I go to the ocean.
> bIQtIqDaq vIjaH - I go to the ocean.
> 'ach, SaHchugh DIp:
> bIQtIqDaq Qe' vIjaH - I go to the restaurant at the ocean.


> I assume that leng works the same as jaH does.

I would not be so sure about that one. I don't know if <leng> was mentioned
specifically in the interview or not. I'll check when I get home.

> jIqarbe' choqarmoH'a' pagh?

<jIqarbe'chugh> DaghItlh 'e' DaHech, qar'a'  {{;-)>

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