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Re: TKD and canon

ja' T'Lod 
> << politics, {chatQeD} "law-science"
>  make, {ghajmoH} "cause to take form" (see TKD section 4.2.4)
>  my heart is yours, {tIqwIj qanob} or {SoHvaD tIqwIj vInob} "I give you my
>  heart."
>  quljIb >>
> shouldn't that be chutQeD, chenmoH, and tIqlIj 'oH tIqwIj'e'?  I can't find a 
> word "chat," and ghajmoH would be something like "cause to have (something)." 

'argh!! yabwIj 'elpu' veqlarghvo' 'oHbogh tar! ghaH'e' vIpIch!  

>  Good choice for "I give you my heart," though.  Nice use of the prefix trick.

The full expression runs something like this:

tIqwIj qanob. jIHeghtaH.
jIyInmeH tIqlIj vIpoQ.
tIqlIj chonobbe'chugh jIHeghbej,
'ej reH puHvamDaq leng qawI'. 
"I give (to) thee my heart. I am dying.
I need your heart to live.
If thou dost not give (to) me thy heart, I shall surely die, 
and my spirit shall forever walk this land."


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