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Re: TKD and canon

ja' QeHHoS:
> tlhIngan mu'ghom vIje'ta' . mu'mey puS ghaj 'oH .
> mu'mey vInejbogh vItu'laHbe' . nuq tuqeS ?
> How can we say the following: politics, nation, do, make ,my heart is
> yours. How do you find lawqech for the first one?
> ----------------------------------------------
> *** may'Daq jaHDI' SuvwI' juppu'Daj lonbe' ***

politics, {chatQeD} "law-science"
make, {ghajmoH} "cause to take form" (see TKD section 4.2.4)
my heart is yours, {tIqwIj qanob} or {SoHvaD tIqwIj vInob} "I give you my


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