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Re: More than one "adjective"

The answer to this question lies in Klingon for the Galactic Traveler.
Not having it with me, I cannot cite a page, but in the section on "Visual
Arts," we get a little information about color words.  Included,
incidentally, is the answer to your question.

You cannot have two adjectivally acting verbs next to each other.  At
least, not that we've ever seen.

"The big red ball" would be {tInbogh moQ 'ej Doqbogh} "The sphere which is
big and which is {Doq}" ({Doq} being the closest concept to "red.")


jatlh quljIb:
> How do you use more than one "adjective" for a noun? For example, what
> if I want to say "The big red ball"?
> Would {moQ tIn Doq} work? Or can there only be one "adjective" per verb?
> Or do you need a {je} at the end or something? I'd hate to use {-bogh}
> if I didn't have to.
{moq tin 'ej Doq} seems the best choice for what you want.

I'll leave more detailed analysis to the gramarians.

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