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Re: tlhIngan Hol Dictionary for Palm

I am considering porting mu'HaqwI' and pojwI' to Palm... seems like
something to do during the summer...  Mostly vaporware (reading lots of
programming books for Palm...

>I have a Palm Pilot and would be intreste in a Klingon Language Dictionary for
>it. Idoesnt seem like it would be to hard to do it. But just bear in mind that
>most Palm Pilot programs are less than 100k.
>R. Stasel wrote:
>> Hello All,
>> I am interested in knowing whether anyone has created a tlhIngan Hol
>> dictionary for the Palm Pilot.  If so, where can I find it, and if not, I
>> will have to make one.  If anyone would like to contribute a Lexicon file to
>> my effort, I would be greatly appreciative.
>> Qapla'
>> -StaZ

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