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length of day (was Re: Kagga's Crown (was Re: Klingonaase))

>I know not whether the Day of Honor series is considered canon, but in
>one of the books Kor refuses Sisko's challenge to the <Suv batlh>
>(honor combat) because ..."you did not take into account the length of
>the Klingon day. The <batlh jaj> (Day of Honor) ended eight minutes ago!"
>Apparently, the <Qo'noS jaj> is shorter than the <tera' jaj>. Since
>Klingons don't measure time the same way we do (at least on Qo'noS), 
>1/20th part of a day doesn't equal 1 standard hour.

  A Qo'noS day could be longer.  Its just that the calculations were off by
eight minutes.
  Worf misaligned the two calendars (Earth and Qo'noS) and his calculations
were off eight minutes.  This says nothing about which days are longer.


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