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Re: jItlhIj

Ben Mischler wrote:

> jItlhIj.
> ghomvamvaD QIn vImuchta' 'ach vay' vIlIjpu'.
> "Subject:" vIchel 'e' vIlIjpu'.
> jIQIp. jIqIp'egh. (jIqID.)
> jIQaghqa'chugh vaj tuHupjaj.
> (jIqID, jIqID!)
> jIQoS.

bIQoSnISbe'.You don't need to be sorry.  But if you ever feel like you
need to acknowledge you made an error, a replacement proverb will take
care of the job.  If you type <HIvqa' veqlargh> then that, as far as my
experience goes here, will wipe out just about anything.


> Qapla'
>  Sovvo' HoS 

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