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RE: nom

jatlh muHwI':

> hepp.

> {nom SIm} means "he calculates quickly"
> A {SImwI'} is a calculator, or "somebody who calculates".

> Can {nom SImwI'} be "someone who calculates quickly", or "fast
> calculator"??

Not really. Adverbials like <nom> modify whole sentences, not nouns.
Consider <nom SImwI' vIHoH>. I'm not killing the one who calculates quickly;
I'm quickly killing the calculator.

> It's for a klingon name, like ghunchu'wI' or charghwI' or 'oghwI'...
> or: muHwI'  }}:-)

Here are some alternative suggestions:


Of course, since it's a name, you can come up with any combination of
syllables you like - it doesn't have to mean anything. If you like, say,
<SImnom>, then go ahead and use it.

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