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Re: Emissary Gift Set

In message <>  writes:
> Dr. Lawrence M. Schoen writes:
> >I called S&S and gave them the ISBN you provided. 
> > In theory they are shipping a copy of the
> > Emissary Gift set out to me.  Once I get it 
> >and look it over I'll have a better idea of where 
> >we can go from there and who I should talk to
> >about what.
> Ok...Tell me when you get it and what you find out about it...

It's very bizarre I think.  S&S sent me two copies (I don't know why) and 
basically each is just a big box with four seperate items (three of which are 
sold separately).  These are a 1) a video tape of the first DSN episode, 
"Emissary," 2) the Interactive Technical Manual CD-ROM (PC version), 3) ST:DSN 
Holosuite Mission "Harbinger" CD-ROM game, and an audio CD version of 
"Conversational Klingon."

Curiously, on the back of the box are photographs of the individual products, as
they would look in their respective packaging if purchased separately.  The CK 
photograph is of the CK cassette box.

There is no ISBN on the CK CD.  I am currently trying to find out if it can 
somehow be ordered separately anyway, but it doesn't look good.

The CK CD seems to be lifted right off the tape, including instructions to turn 
the tape over.

More news as I get it,


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