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Re: Klingon Book o' Virtues

>Date: Sat, 16 Mar 1996 23:43:29 -0800

>   Okay, I've got a LITTLE more info...
>   It seems that the Klingon Book of Virtues is *actually*
>a Klingon *audiocassette* of Virtues.  This will be the third in
>the HIGHLY useful tapes we all know and love.  Hope this wets your
>collective appetites!

According to Marc Okrand, last I heard, there is no "Klingon Book of
Virtues"; the title was changed to "The Klingon Way", and it's a book of
the printed-on-paper variety.  An online bookstore ( has it
listed as a paperback, with the old title "The Klingon Book Ov[sic]
Virtues".  It will be available from the KLI probably as soon after it
comes out as we can arrange, I believe.


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