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Beginners Unite!

                       Subject:                               Time:7:49 AM
  OFFICE MEMO          Beginners Unite!                       Date:2/16/94


  I intend to start simple conversations in thlIngan Hol for those of us
who are beginners.  I suggest we take each part of the grammar and
try a couple sentences, in context, using the new part of speech.  We all
need practice and for myself, I need to start at the very bottom.

  Since I'm also developing the self-instructional course, it will be good
to get some examples and feedback on what presents difficulties for

  We will start with the easy things and work up from there.  If you're
interested in participating, please let me know (I'll try to coordinate
as best as possible).  I also think we should use a FLA (Four Letter
Acronymn) like the Shakespear/Bible translators are using... if noone
has a big objection to KLBC (Klingon Language Beginner's Conversations),
I think that would do...

  I also suggest to those beginners that you start memorizing vocab..
Start with the most popular words (learn, think, eat, say, write, book,
computer, book, paper, etc.) and move on from there.  It's certainly
helped me...

  Shall we begin?


thlIngan Hol jIghoj
DewI' jIghaj
DewI' bIghaj 'a'?

[email protected]

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