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mu'mey chu'

>From: (The Songbringer -- Marnen to the common fol
>    k)
>Date: Tue, 26 Oct 93 15:30:54 EDT

>While we're on the subject of new words, I thought I'd post to this list some
>words that A. Appleyard transcribed from _Conversational Klingon_. (I can't
>vouch for their accuracy; I haven't listened to the tape in a while.)

Let's see what I can remember offhand from that tape.

>paS			be late (V)
>qong			bed (N)

I believe the word was "QongDaq", an obvious compound.

>qutlh			be cheap (V)
>reghuluS 'iw Hiq	Regulan bloodwine (N)
>Sum			be near (V)
>tep			luggage (N)

Don't remember this one.

>wagh			be expensive (V)
>'eq			be early (V)

I guess I'd better listen to the tape again.

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