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(Ha' vs. be')

>\I thought -Ha' was "to undo"?  If muS is "to hate", then you'd want muSbe'
>\wouldn't you?  It's a thin line, but I was always under the impression that
>\"-be'" NEGATED the verb, while "-Ha'" UNDID the verb...
>	Exactly.  So "qamuSbe'" is "I don't hate you", whereas "qamuSHa'" is
>"I dishate you", or "I love you".  Very different meanings.  It's analogous to
>"like" and "dislike" - which are "parHa'" and "par" in TKD.  Ample
>justification for "muSHa'" as "love", IMHO.

What a beautiful post!  Clear, concise, to the point, and completely under-
standable.  Now I know how Ha' and be' work...  Thanks marqoS!

toDSaH SoHQo'qu'!

...Paul  :)

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