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I would like a translation

>From: Mark Reed <>
>Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1993 14:59:16 -0400 (EDT)

>If there were a noun equivalent of "-Ha'", then tacking it onto "veqlargh"
>might be a reasonable way to try to get at the concept of a god who is a
>positive force.  It could be that "veqlargh" means "god", but in the Klingon
>mindset all gods are evil, so the word is translated in such a way as to
>convey the connotations (non-canonical though it be, I seem to recall from TFR
>that the Klingons viewed the universe as out to get them, and any supernatural
>beings were cruel ones).

Cool idea!  I like it.

>I understand that there were some religious services at the camp, some 
>scripture translated - what was used there?  

I dunno... I recently translated the Tower of Babel story myself, and I
used "joH'a'" for God (actually for what usually gets translated "the
LORD", i.e. YHWH/Adonai), mostly for lack of any better ideas.  It words
well enough for me, though I wonder what one could use for "Elohim",
especially when it means lower-case-g gods (i.e. gods being called "false"
or "other" by the text).



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