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Re: Daily Musings

>jatlh Qumpin 'avrin:
>: "ghojmoHwI' Dun 'oH 'oy''e'" jatlh tlhInganpu'.
>nuqjatlh? This looks like it means "A pain is the wonderful teacher." I think
>you mean >'oy' ghaH ghojmoHwi' Dun'e'< (and notice the use of >ghaH< rather
>than >'oH<!).

qay' nuq?  lughmoHghachvam vIyajbe'.  lughbej mu'tlhegh wa'DIch.
"Klingons say 'Pain is a wonderful teacher'" mughchu' <<"ghojmoHwI' Dun 'oH
'oy''e'" jatlh tlhInganpu'>>.  teHqu', pIj lujatlh.  vIjatlh je jIH.  pup
pabDaj.  nuq Dapar?  qatlh "The wonderful teacher is a pain"vaD DachoHpu'?


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