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Re: Word for mate?

>\Everyone is suggesting "bangwI'" for the word 'mate,' but what about 
>\the word "bang" itself?  TKD lists it as a noun meaning 'love,' but 
>\also 'one who is loved.'  Wouldn't "bangwI'" be a bit redundant?
>	I don't think the suggestion is to use "bangwI'" for "mate" but
>for "my mate".  If you tried to talk about "my mate" as "bangwI'wI'", that
>would be pretty redundant, indeed...  :)

>	I also don't think that "bang" is intended to mean love in any other
>sense besides "one who is loved".  The translation in the dictionary ("love, one
>who is loved") is just in the form described in the introduction -the important
>word is given first, followed by the complete definition.  It's not a list of 
>meanings, IMHO.

HIja', HIja', HIja'.  "nuv muSHa'lu'bogh" Hech neH "bang".  lughchu'

'ej:  "redundant"be' "bangwI'".  mu'vamDaq "one who is" 'oHbe'
"-wI'"'e'.  "my (sentient)" 'oHbej.  vaj "my love" lumugh

qay'be' "bangoywI'".  Damugh DaneHchugh, "snooky-wookums" mujba'.

"my little pumpkiny-wumpkiny" joq.  {{:-)

                    --bangoyra', Qanqor

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