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Re: eD ngerwIgholpu' vItamchoHlaw'ta'

>Another question: Concerning what Qanqor commented about the vaguene
>of functiolingon question words, i.e., tha'Iv and nuq follow
>somewhat different rules than other nouns. Well, which of these would
>seem more appropriate?:
>- ghorgh 'oHpu' may'
>- ghorgh qaSpu' may'

That's easy, the second.  That's because the first is grammatically
incorrect. {{:-)  It needs to be:  ghorgh 'oHpu' may''e'.

Aside from that, I think I'd still tend to favour the second.  This
is one case where I do tend to agree with those who try to limit the
use of "to be" in tlhIngan Hol.  But this is just a gut feeling,
nothing more.


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