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Re: Objects

On Oct 7,  7:32pm, The Songbringer -- Marnen to the common fol k wrote:
> Thus "I say 'hello' to you" would be >SoHvaD \nuqneH\ vijatlh<, but "I
> speak to you" would be >qajatlh<. 
> Any comments/clarifications/complaints/flames/what-have-you?
> Qapla' Qichqengwi'vo'.

     Only one. Please make your "i"s uppercase in tlhIngan. I know it is a
hassle. I was initially reluctant to always do it myself, but when you've
read enough tlhIngan Hol, a lowercase "I" looks wrong and is oddly a little
confusing. It's like listening to someone speak with a thick accent.

--   charghwI'

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