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Re: More on mI'QeD


     I just wanted to state publicly that I fully accept the legitimate
objections to the vI' suffix for fractional inversion. I thought it was a
great idea and I offered my support for it, but even while stating my
support, I acknowledged the low potential for broad acceptance. I respect the
reasons for this rejection. I suggest as a compromise that as Marc assembles
his small additions to the language that he might consider the vI' suffix for
this function.

     I think as a group, we can act as a filter for such suggestions, passing
on the ones we consider worthy of consideration to Marc when appropriate,
sparing him the deluge of random suggestions with less driving merit. While I
will not use the vI' suffix until it is officially adopted through the proper
channels, I still offer my support to its consideration by the appropriate

--   charghwI'

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