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Re: mI'QeD

> Subject: mI'QeD
> As I recall, shortly before the list went off line there was some 
> discussion on {vatlhvI'} "percent." I have come up with a theory
> explaining the suffix -vI' as a reciprocal marker...

     While surely there will be objections to adding to the known grammar, I
wish to offer my respect for this particular effort. It does seem to be such
a simple addition that radically expands upon the ability to express
fractions. This would fill a void that badly needs filling and if this
doesn't fly, certainly nothing else will without Okrand's published blessing.

     I do suggest that on the small potential that this actually was adapted
on this list, someone might wish to publish to the larger audience of HolQeD
so that, like nga'chugh, it would be available to Klingon students who do not
have Internet access.

--   charghwI'

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