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Re: <Kloko>vo':

My mail has been frotzed for who-knows-how-long, but it appears to
be working again.  Picking up in mid-stream, here's a couple quick
corrections.  Alak, one of these is from a later quote of stuff I
never saw the original to.

>"knnen" joq "kennen"-be'.
(Neither "knnen" nor "kennen".

Two problems here.  joq goes after the nouns it joins, and -be' is a
verb suffix and cannot go on a noun.  This probably wants to be
something like:

"knnen" "kennen" joq 'oHbe'.

>maj Data'pu'qu'! 'ach "-" yIlo'be'!

It's not yIlo'be' but yIlo'Qo'.  -be' doesn't go on imperative verbs. (p.47)


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