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Fonts and writing system.

Hello.  This is my first posting, and I am not fluent enough to introduce
myself in Klingon.  To just look it up, and copy it here, would present
a false representation of my skill level.  My name is Michael Gowing.
I am a software engineer, and am interested in a font for the Klingon
language.  I also would like information on any new words that may have 
been added, or how that could be done.  Certian words like "file" and others
that would be useful on menus for computer programs, are not available to
my knowlege.  If this information exists, please forward it to me.  I realize
that this may be asking a lot, but I know of no where else that I w could 
possibly get it.  I read recently in a newspwper that Klingon may be the
next Esperanto.  Without starting an RWAR, I would like to say that it is
possible, probably the only limiting factor would be the small vocabulary.
I hope that it does catch on, as I am a fan of the language, and the
culture.  There are many good things that are represented in the Klingon
society, and a language is, as has been proven, a reflection of a society.

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