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Re: This 'n' That

It seems nearly inevitable that pronouns would either take type 5
noun suffixes or have forms with similar intent; the other forms of
noun suffixes seem inappropriate.  Wouldn't one be strongly tempted
to say

	* chaHvaD qaHoHtaH

	"I am killing you for them/at their behest/for their sake"

under the appropriate circumstances?

This with regard to the application of type 5 noun suffixes to 'e'
to resolve certain perplexities.

It would not be likely that the bare pronoun would suffice; a pronoun
already leaves too much to context for its syntactical role to be left
vague as well.

At any rate I use type 5 suffixes on pronouns (although not 'e')
extensively in my latest offering.

				--"Randall Holmes" mughlaw'wI'

P.S.  It would be unsurprising if these forms were irregular, however!

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