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HoS voDleH jIH

>Date:    Fri, 25 Jun 1993 19:34:36 -0400 (EDT)
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>Will Martin <> writes:

>> ...working a little with a METAFONT ...

>Is there METAFONT code available for pIqaD?  If so, where could i get it.
>If not, is anyone working on it? I've designed several fonts in METAFONT
>already, and would be willing to help.

Not available yet; but it's being worked on, by me.  It's more or less
done, except for the numbers.  It's reasonably hideous; I'm not much of a
METAFONTer; when I send it out I'll be hoping for some comments from such
as you.

Actually, the Mandel font *is* available in METAFONT form (that's the older
font, which doesn't correspond to tlhIngan Hol phonemes).  It's available
from, directory /pub/soft/tex/fonts/klinz.


>Ok, i'm a newbie alright... who/what is HolQeD?

HolQeD is the newsletter of the Klingon Language Institute, run by our own
Dr. Lawrence Schoen.


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