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...and I though Klingon was the only odd language here!


ME: Jah, Randy, me ko*ik olemme va%ga tark. Me ko*ik vo*ime ra%a%kida
ME: nii palju keeled! Aga Sina ei kirjutanud u%ks saksa so*na ebao*ige:
ME: see on "kennen", ei "knnen". Nu%u%d me olemme ko*ik ro*o*mus.

ME: That said, let's get back to tlhIngan Hol. By the way, I'll translate
ME: this into Klingon for anyone who can tell me what language it is.

I'm pretty sure it's Estonian (though shouldn't that be "vo*imme" :-)

ObIntro: Nothing in Klingon I'm afraid; I found out about this list before I
heard about the book it's based on - I haven't seen that at all.  a) Does
anyone know if it's available in the UK? b) Is there an FTP site/archive
with any useful information on it?


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